Xiao Min

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Xiao Min,曉敏 is an independent singer-songwriter who has performed at weddings, bars, cafes and corporate events. Xiao Min has performed at establishments such as Esplanade recital studio, Hood Bar, Victoria Concert Hall etc. She has also sung for events such as Luxasia Cohesion, Hong Kong CityU International Night 2017, SMU Arts Festival Closing Ceremony 2016, Dunman High School National Day Concert 2016, and Gardens by the Bay Mandopop series 2014.

Being fed by her music influences such Sodagreen, Yoga Lin, Khalil Fong, and Mayday, the songs that Xiao Min writes infuse modern Mandopop with groovy funk and jazz elements. Xiao Min’s sunshine personality gives her the chops to write love songs, societal songs, playful songs that have an underlying touch of positivity and hopefulness.

 Having recently wrote lyrics to and performed the song called “Take Me” for a Hong Kong cinema-wide release movie 《To Love or not to Love 初戀日記之賤男蜜騷“, Xiao Min is preparing to release her debut EP in early 2018.

FB page: www.facebook.com/xiaominhihi

Youtube: www.youtube.com/xiaominhihi

IG: www.instagram.com/youmibert