Peter Diaz

Peter at gigAfter 27 years of residing in Europe, Peter Diaz returns to Singapore in April of 1997, to arrange the music and collaborate in writing the reunion CD of the “October Cherries”

Since returning home, he won the first prize for writing the theme song for the NTUC “Paradigm” Club. Peter Diaz also arranged and co-produced the soundtrack for the movie ‘Forever Fever’. He has also financed, arranged, produced and released a charity CD to commemorate the tragic Silk Air MI 185 crash of December 1997. Since then Peter Diaz has been performing in various clubs and venues, namely the Cricket Club, The British club, Keppel Club, The Orchard Hotel, I am currently at Sunset Bay on East Coast Parkway.

Peter Diaz’s latest CD is out titled “Time To Call It A Day”